Snaptain S5C- Best Buy Drone Review 2021

Flying a drone to capture the bird’s eye view of any landscape is topmost on every true travel blogger’s bucket list. Aerial shots of mountains, beaches, cities, and more, are also sure-shot click-baits. But, if you’re just getting started with travel-blogging, or you have a newfound interest in drones, you might want to begin with one that is easy to use, yet, sturdy. For that, the Snaptain S5C WiFI FPV Drone immediately comes to mind. This sleek and powerful flying machine is the best drone for beginner pilots. In addition, it is a super-affordable drone and one of the best quadcopters within a 100$ budget.

For its low price, the Snaptain S5C 720P HD Camera Beginner Drone is packed with high-quality features and specifications; perfect for drone newbies. This budget-friendly quadcopter captures crystal clear HD images and recording, and an impressive flight time. It is a lightweight and stylish, beginner-level drone that comes with some exciting voice and gesture controls. This quadcopter has an excellent transmission and operational range. Whether you’re at the park or the peak of some snow-capped mountain, you can be assured of unforgettable memories with this well-built quadcopter.

Snaptain S5C WiFi FPV Drone Features

Ultimate User-Friendly

This stylish beginner’s drone takes off with just a click and lands to your command. You can even call it back with its smart voice control. It follows verbal orders such as “take-off”, “right”, “left” “landing”, “backward” or “forward”. Also, try those exciting 360° flips and rolls with this tiny clever beast. Additionally, you can even gesture to it with the palm of your hands. This smart quadcopter is perfectly safe in the hands of a drone newbie.

Higher And Clearer

You don’t have to worry about poor transmission with this mean machine. It has an impressive transmission of a high-definition video up to 80 meters. You can even edit and upload your videos instantly to your social media from an iPhone. So fly as high as you need and share your experience with the world.

Safe & Sturdy

You can be assured a safe flight with the drone’s Protective Propeller Guards. As a beginner. You don’t have to worry about a sudden drop or shock. The drone’s design and built made from high-quality ABS Material enables a stress-free flight, every single time. You can be assured to never lose sight of the drone with instant signal warnings even if you have a poor signal.

Simple & Steady

The S5C WiFi FPV Drone’s Altitude-Hold function ensures every flight has a steady hover at a certain altitude. Its flight-stabilization mode automatically detects the altitude and starts to hover, so, you can always click steady videos and photos. This beast of a drone even has an ultra-new tech Trajectory Flight function inspired by your fingertips! Simply pre-plan your drone’s flight course by tracing it on your smartphone’s touchscreen and it follows the path.

App and Gravity Control

Easily control your drone by installing the Snaptain Era App on your iOS or Android smartphone. This clever quadcopter comes with an inbuilt G-sensor that can be controlled by adjusting the horizontal and vertical positions of your smartphone on the Snaptain App. So, this exciting intuitive gravity sensor allows you to move the drone automatically as you move your phone!

Snaptain S5C WiFi FPV Drone Specifications:

At 1.55 pounds, and 13.9 x 9.7 x 3.3 inches, this Snaptain quadcopter is a lightweight drone. The drone takes 90 minutes to charge and comes with two 550mAh Lithium Polymer batteries which allow a full 10 minute flight time. Powered by an 816 Coreless motor, this bird flies as high as 80 meters with an FPV range of 40 meters. Its 720P HD camera shoots clear JPEG Photos and crisp AVI videos that can be saved to your MicroSD Card and Mobile device. This beast is VR Compatible and requires smartphones with Android 4.0 or higher, or iOS 7.2 or higher.

Snaptain S5C WiFi FPV Drone – General information & Troubleshooting

You can light up the drone’s LED lights by pressing the power button. If it still fails to switch on, consider replacing or charging your drone’s battery. You should also make sure the battery’s connectors are firmly plugged in. If your drone’s LED lights keep flashing, but it doesn’t respond to your remote controlled commands, you should try pairing the drone and the remote again, or check, recharge, or replace the battery of the drone. You could also look into the remote’s battery to sufficient power.

If your drone’s flight feels unstable, restart it and calibrate it as instructed. Trimming the flight accordingly will help. And consider flying the drone in better weather. If the drone’s response to your commands doesn’t seem quick, ensure an effective distance between the remote and drone. If your drone frequently loses connection from your Snaptain Era App, make sure it’s at an effective distance from your mobile device or that your device isn’t connected to another network.

Besides, if your App isn’t responsive to voice commands or other functions make sure your smartphone’s audio and your App switch are on. Moreover, if your drone flies beyond the control range, activate its headless mode and move the Right Control Stick to fly it back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How high can the Snaptain s5c drone go?

This quadcopter can go as high as an impressive 80meters.

Are Snaptain drones good?

Yes! Snaptain drones are excellent for their price range. They offer high-quality features on a much lower budget.

How do you calibrate a s5c drone?

Place the Snaptain quadcopter on a flat surface. Connect the drone and controller. Hold the control sticks at 45 degrees for a few seconds. The calibration is done once the LED lights stop flashing and become solid.

How do I connect my Snaptain drone to my phone?

You can easily connect your drone by downloading the Snaptain Era App on your smartphone, turning the drone on, and connecting your phone’s WiFi to your drone’s WiFI network.

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