Simrex x900 – Cheapest Drone with Greatest Features

Is Simrex x900 a good buy? Here is what you should know about the drone before buying the same.

Cheap and affordable drones are hard to get. Simrex x900 is one such drone set which will not only give you a proper droning experience, it will also fit your pocket smoothly. It is one of the most beginner-friendly drones available in the market. So, if you are planning to step your foot in filming with drones, here is a perfect one to start with.

This drone has one of the best builds. It has a stylish look with a pretty decent camera. On top of that, it has some features like three-speed mode, dual essence control, headless mode and so much more. Let’s find out why Simrex x900 is one of the best choices when it comes to cheap drones for beginners.

Simrex x900 drone features

When you think of buying a drone, the first thing to check out is the features. Your video quality will depend on the features of the drone that you are using. Simrex has come up with a budget-friendly drone that has some amazing features to start with.

Build and design

The best part of it is that it is foldable. You can expect a lot from the drone. The gloss finish quadcopter comes with foldable blades and wings. While folding the drone, you do not need to remove the blades. The drone is only 130mm X 90mm X 45mm when measured. It is so small that it can fit your hand like a soda can.

The unfolded drone is just three times bigger than the folded size. It is not that huge and it is quite comfortable to carry it elsewhere. It comes with a battery, a remote-control system, and phone holder. In addition to that, it has four reserve propellers and propeller guards, a manual for you start easily and of course, a charging cable.

When it comes to durability, the casing is quite hard and strong, it will not break easily. The matt finish look also gives a stylish look to it. It is dark gray. It also has a special ability to stay intact even in unfavorable conditions like sudden crashes. The only issue is that it does not come with a casing, you will have to get it separately.

Camera quality

If you are buying a drone, you will check the camera first. It is one of the most important aspects to consider before buying a drone. Mane cheap drones do not have a good camera. But thanks to Simrex, its new budget drone has a considerably better camera than its contemporary ones. It is not justified to expect HD quality, but Simrex x900 will give you a decent quality of pictures and videos.

It has a 1080P HD camera with 110-degree FOV. The picture quality is quite good compared to other drones of the same price range. With a 110degrees wide-angle camera, allowing you to capture a lot of background. Aerial filming experience of the drone is appreciable. The optical flow positioning of the camera is sound enough to capture awesome images.

You can control the camera manually as well as remotely. Just that you will have to get a MicroSD card to record high-quality footage.

Remote Controller

Yet another important feature of a drone is the remote controller. Often some drones do not work properly despite a decent camera and good battery power. This happens due to a poor-quality remote controller. For the budget-friendly Simrex drones, the remote controller can steal your heart with its minimalist look. Moreover, the working capacity of the remote controller is also quite appreciable.

The 2.4GHz radio frequency wireless remote controller of Simrex x900 drones has a built-in gravity sensor. There are two thumbsticks for controlling the directional movement of the drone. The remote controller is also portable. If you have a job that demands roaming around as well as using a drone, this one can be a good choice for beginners.

The drone can go up to 120 meters away. This is the maximum you can send the drone and remotely control it.

Battery power

The battery is another feature that can be one of your deciding factors while buying a drone. Why not? This is very important for those who are working professionally with drones or at least starting. It has a lithium polymer battery 3.7V. It has a capacity of 1200 mAh. The quad flies for about 15 minutes.

Battery support x900

The battery life is quite good when compared to other drones of the same range. The insertion and removal process is very easy. It has a modular battery. Use the same charging cable given with the kit to charge the battery. This will help you with longer battery life.

Other Important features

Not just by the looks, Simrex x900 can score a full mark even for its outstanding features. There are many budget-friendly drones in the market. However, Simrex will be a better choice any day. We say so because of the features it has to offer.

Optical Flow Positioning

The drone can stay in a certain position, at a pre-defined height. It can keep itself afloat at a height on its own. You will not have to control it. This is one of the advanced features that you will not get in any budget drones.

Single key takeoff and landing

The drones are easy to fly because of its easy takeoff and landing procedure. The single key takeoff makes the drone to fly easy. The drone will easily start its journey once you press the key.

Headless and three-speed mode

Headless mode is best for beginners. The drone will fly properly even if you cannot see it. There are three-speed modes available in this drone. High, medium and low-speed modes let you decide the pace of the drone. You can change the speed even when the drone is moving.

Dual essence control

One of the great features of this drone is the dual essence control. You can easily disassociate the smartphone from the drone’s remote controller. You can let your smartphone control the drone. This means you can fly the drone with the help of your smartphone.

Altitude holding capability

You can let the drone control the altitude while you are controlling the horizontal movement. Is it not one of the great features? Of course. This lets you do the filming in a more hassle-free manner.

3D flips and rolls

How about cool 360-degree flips and rolls? It is an amazing feature that this drone has. The drone can also flip in other ways. It can flip to the sides as well as forward and backward. These are some cool features but drains out the battery very quickly.

Flight evaluation

This drone is made for the beginners. It is an easy drone to control and operate. Even when it is not windy the flight can travel properly. If it is too windy, the two propeller guards will protect the drone from crashing.

SIMREX X900’s camera quadcopter gives an amazing flight experience. It can fly for 15 minutes at a go. However, with rechargeable batteries, it does not take much time to charge. The flight control features are simple and easy to handle. The built-in safety flight features are one of the coolest features. You can easily recall it home in case you cannot spot the drone.

Pros and Cons of Simrex drones

We are already impressed with the drone’s features. However, every package comes with some good and bad features. Though this one is heavier on the good feature side. But let’s figure out how it is really.


  • It is foldable and can fit your palm, literally. The small size and the portable design make it easier to be carried to different places.
  • Compared to others in the same price range, the flight time is quite long.
    Three-speed options make it easy for those who are starting to use drones for the first time.
  • Camera quality is also quite great and captures great footages compared to other contemporary drones.
  • The remote controller comes with a built-in gravity sensor
  • The drones are durable and can sustain a difficult situation
  • It is damn cheap
  • It comes with cool 360-degree flips and rolls feature
  • One of the best beginner-friendly drones available in the market


  • The user manual is a bit less detailed. We feel it could have a more vivid description
  • It is a bit difficult to find an extra battery
  • The light could be more bright
  • The controller range is not long enough

Frequently asked questions

Is Simrex x900 drone user friendly for beginners?

It is one of the most user-friendly drones. For beginners especially, this is a recommended drone. Not only for those who are learning, but this drone will also be perfect for professional beginners. It is going to be the go-to drones for most of the beginners.

Are Simrex drones good?

It is not the best drones available in the market. But given the price range of Simrex drones, this is one of the best ones. It has great features at an affordable price.

What is the best drone under 100$?

Though there are many drones available under 100$, not all are quite impressive. Some have poor camera quality whereas some does not have a durable body. However, Simrex x900 review says it has covered all the aspects of becoming a good drone. Many rookie drone users and new professionals have used this drone. They have loved it. We also think it is one of the best drones available in the market within 100$.

What is the best cheap drone?

If you are looking for a cheap drone, go for Simrex. It has good features and also gives an edge to the drone experience. No wonder why it has topped the list of favorite budget drones. The pocket-friendly drones generally have fewer features. Thanks to Smirex, they have produced a drone that is not just cheap but the best among the contemporary drones

How do drones hold position?

The drones lock into a particular GPS location. They later come back into the previous location if they get drifted elsewhere.

How does a drone work?

Drones generally work on GPS navigation. GPS navigation allows the drones to fly. The remote controller of the drone lets you regulate the direction, height and speed of the drone.

Can drone capture footages from indie the house?

Generally, no. Drones’ camera quality is not that great that it will capture pictures from inside the house. However, some of the advanced drones can capture footages from inside the house.

Is drone legal everywhere?

No. You must have a clear idea of where to fly your drone and if it is allowed. Some of the highly protected areas do not allow drones to fly nearby. If you are filming for a definite purpose you need to talk to local authorities before starting your work.

Is Simrex x900 a good buy?

Well, when it comes to budget drones for beginners, it is one of the best that you can get in the market. Affordable price range and amazing feature-packed in the same box is hard to get. The camera is pretty decent.

By the look of it, it is one of the most stylish and minimalist drones in the price range. It is small and comes in three different colors, red, black, and white. The drone can fit in your palm. For a beginner, it is one of the most user-friendly drones.

Also, keep in mind, the price range, this is one of the best that you will get in the market. You will probably not get any other drone other than Simrex x900 with so many features in a pocket-friendly price. This is going to be a good buy for beginners and those looking for budget-friendly drones.

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