Hubson Zino – A Budget-Friendly Drone for Beginners

Looking for a budget-friendly yet professional drone? Hubson Zino is the one you must check out at this point.

It was introduced in 2018. This mid-range drone is foldable. It is specially made for beginners. The drone comes with features that are too advanced. It has most of the semi-professional features. However, if you look at the package it is quite budget-friendly. We are here to review the Hubsan Zino for you. Here’s everything that you need to know about the budget-friendly semi-professional drone.

What we like and not like about Hubson Zino

Hubson Zino is here to compete with some of the market rulers. With the features that Zino has come up with, it can easily compete with some high-end ones. Drones like DJI’s Mavic Air, Autel’s Evo, Parrot’s Anafi, can easily be in trouble with Zino in the field. But the price range is like that of Xiaomi’s FIMI A3 or DJI’s Spark. Isn’t it amazing? Now let’s look at the features that Hubson Zino has to offer.

Design and build quality

Have you seen DJI’s Mavic Air? Many drones these days have started following in their footsteps. It is no different. The foldable design is one of the best features of modern drones. You can carry it anywhere you want to. You can put it easily inside a small backpack. If you fold it, it is almost the size of an iPhone 11.

The model weighs about 700 grams. In that case, an FAA registration is compulsory. However, if you see it that way, it does not feel heavy at all. It is lightweight and compact.

Moving on to the build quality of the drone, you will not have many complaints. Zino uses a powerful brushless motor for functioning. This more stable and lasts for a longer period. It comes with a MicroSD slot to take footage. It also has a Micro USB slot to transfer files directly.

If you consider the overall verdict, the build quality and look of the drone are quite ahead of its price range.

Camera Quality

A 4K ultra-HD camera at this price range is a commendable thing. On top of that, the camera comes with 3-axis mechanical stabilization. The 89-degree wide-angle lens is also a great addition as it comes with a fixed f/2.2 aperture. If you want to shoot a video with this one, you will be amazed by the video quality at such a price range. It shoots 4k ultra-HD videos (3840*2160). The fps goes up to 30 as it uses MPEG – 4codec. You can shoot in the most compatible MP4 format as well.

If you look at the still pictures, it is also outstanding. It produces 8 MP images in JPEG format. The quality of the footage will steal your heart. Sharp and well-exposed footage will give a professional feel. You can render awesome colors in an auto setting. The detail that it provides can compete for that of Mavic Air. The drone’s performance in low light is also mind-blowing.

You can be assured of getting a stabilized footage, thanks to the 3-axis gimbal system. The gimbal system does its job perfectly. Even in a windy condition, you will get stable footage. Overall, the camera performance is great and even suitable for cinematic work.

Battery back up

Hubsan Zino gives a good battery backup. One charge can let the drone run for 23 minutes. Remember DJI’s Spark used to give only 16 minutes. One of the best drones in the market, Mavic Air, gives a 20-minute run at the most. In short, the battery of this drone is the best you will get in the price range.

Available Flight Modes

There are a few intelligent flight modes added to this drone to help you have a better inflight experience. Here is a brief description of each mode.

Automatic flight mode

This one is one of the most common modes for GPS-driven mode. It is a safety mode. Once the battery goes down to 20 percent, the drone comes back to a safe landing. It either returns to the starting location or to your current location. Anyhow, this is one of the most used features.

360-degree panorama Mode

Wondering how to take a panorama shot? This drone will make it so easy for you. Just tap on a button and the drone will take the panorama shot on its own. You do not need to do anything.

Follow Mode

Do you want to track something? Here is this mode for you. It has an active track that will allow you to select the subject to follow. However, it is a stressful job to operate in this mode.

Orbit mode

Follow mode lets you follow around the subject. But what if you want to go around the subject? Here is this mode to help you out. Orbit mode helps you to orbit around the subject. The app has a few customization options.

Apart from these modes, there are two other modes, WayPoint Mode and Line Fly Mode. Both are great features and are used in cinematic shots.

Frequently asked questions

Is the drone beginner-friendly?

Yes. The drone is beginner-friendly. However, the shots that you will be getting out of it are not at all questionable. Even though a beginner can use it well, it has not compromised on its features

Can we use it for photography?

Given the camera quality, you can definitely use it for photography.

Can it be used for videography?

Hubson Zino has quite a few features for videography. Modes like WayPoint Mode and Line Fly Mode make the cinematic shot experience smooth and fantastic.


Hubson Zino is one of the most promising drones of the season. It comes with some amazing features. The app accompanying the drone is also quite powerful. It is a strong contender of DJI. However, a major drawback is the lack of sensors. But in the given price range, Hubson Zino is a winner with flying colors.

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