DJI Tello- Best Buy Drone Review 2021

The dream of any travel blogger is to post spectacular aerial shots and video footage that goes viral on their social media handles. Here’s where the beauty of the DJI Tello quadcopter comes in. These Drones are undoubtedly the coolest drones for all ages. Whether you’re just starting out as a travel enthusiast or you’ve always wanted to learn to pilot a drone, this DJI drone is a perfect choice.

It is super fun, lightweight, affordable, and an easy-to-use quadcopter. Its ready-to-go features and specifications make it very easy for beginners to learn with. It is so simple that you can maneuver it from your smartphone. This makes it the perfect choice for your first drone. So, if you are learning basic drone flying and you want to capture good-quality videos and photos, the RYZE Tello should be your pick.

DJI Tello Specifications:

You can witness and capture the world from whole new and exciting perspectives with the drone. Here are some of its best specifications which make it a must-have for novice flyers and travel bloggers.

HD Transmission

With a powerful 720P video recording and a 5MP camera, you can get spectacular photos and video footage to share on your social media page.

Flight Distance

You can get a mind-blowing bird’s eye view from the DJI RYZE Tello drone by flying it as high as 100 meters.

Flight Time

The Tello’s battery offers a whopping 13 minutes of uninterrupted flight time, which is impressive for a drone of its range and make.

Two Antennas

It offers smart switching where you can seamlessly view and capture video footage with its two powerful antennas.

VR Headset Compatibility

The Tello quadcopter has amazing VR headset compatibility. So you can experience the joy of flight from a first-person bird’s eye view!

DJI Flight Tech

This powerful drone uses the best components to ensure stable flights and a joyful experience. You can learn how to confidently fly a drone anytime and anywhere with easy auto-landing and auto take-off features.

Tello App

You can get started by downloading the Tello app on your smartphone. Its user-friendly UI makes it extra simple for beginners to learn flying the drone.

Tello Controller

This lightweight drone is controller compatible. You can access precise maneuvering on this drone easily from its intuitive controls.

DJI Tello Features:

The Tello’s awesome features make it a super sun drone to play with. The enjoyment will never stop with the fantastic tricks you can perform with the RYZE Tello simply by tapping on a screen! Here are some of its best features to look forward to.

The Crazy Throw & Go Feature

You can start flying as easy as simply tossing the Tello straight into the air.

The Super 8D Flips

By simply sliding on your screen you can impress your posse by performing cool aerial stunts with the RYZE Tello drone.

The Fun Bounce Mode

The DJI Tello quadcopter comes with a fun bounce mode as it bounces up and down from your hand automatically.

Best Camera Features

Packed with high-tech image processors, this drone captures excellent video and photos. So even if you aren’t very good at flying, you can still record mind-blowing videos with the drone’s EZ Shots.

The Tello App gives you this unique feature to record short videos with modes like Circle, Up & Away, and 360! The drone’s powerful electronic image stabilization tech also makes it excellent for capturing the best images, every single time! The drone also comes with an in-built Intel processor which helps you record amazing high-quality footage!

Low Battery Protection

You never have to worry about the RYZE Tello drone’s safety as it immediately alerts you when it’s in a low battery state.

Fail-safe Protection

This intuitive drone offers safe landing even on the off-chance that you lose connection with the device. This makes it perfect and stress-free for those still learning to fly.

Vision Positioning System

The drone comes with a smart and amazing vision positioning system that ensures precise and perfect hovering.

Move-Based Control

It comes with Tello Edu, a super awesome mobile programming app. You can get this lightweight, yet, durable drone to play games and perform movements simply by dragging coding blocks in your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the DJI Tello worth buying?
Yes! it is worth buying if you are just getting started in the field of drone piloting. It is super affordable, and tailor-made for beginners looking to learn flying skills and travel bloggers and vloggers who want to post captivating photos and videos on their social media. What makes it absolutely worth buying is that it is perfect for kids and adults of all ages.

Is Tello made by DJI?
The RYZE Tello drone is powered by DJI and Intel. It is one of the best drones in its price range and offers excellent features such as HD recording, excellent battery life, high-quality flight tech, and an impressive flight range.

Does it have GPS?
No, It does not have GPS, however, it has an impressive and intuitive fail-safe protection that allows it to land safely, even if you lose connection from the device.

How far DJI Tello can fly?
It can fly as high as an impressive 100 meters away while capturing high-quality photos and videos.

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