Contixo F22 FPV Foldable Drone Review

The drone market is rapidly expanding, and the market is filled with numerous models. If you are looking for a drone at a decent price but are confused about where to start, you have come to the right place. Foldable drones have become very popular, especially among travellers and students. They are easy to transport, simple to use and ensure flexibility in usage. The Contixo F22 FPV Foldable Drone is a perfect drone for beginners and advanced users.

It is lightweight, foldable and economical, but this does not mean that its technological features are not up to the mark. Besides, It is the perfect buy for travellers because it has the best of both worlds. Moreover, It has all the features that you need for perfect aerial shots and videos, and is priced competitively.

If you are still not convinced to buy this, then we have a complete guide to the Contixo F22 FPV Foldable Drone, which will list out everything that you need to know to make your purchase. A drone is an investment, and you have to make sure that you weigh all the pros and cons carefully before buying one. We are here to make your job easier. Here is everything you need to know about it.


Contixo F22 FPV Foldable Drone Features:

Auto return

The Contixo F22 FPV Foldable Drone has an auto return feature, which ensures that it will come back to you after you get your perfect shot. While the auto return feature is becoming more and more common, not all drones have this feature yet. This feature will ensure that you will never lose track of your drone, and it will return to your location when you are done using it.

This eliminates all chances of you losing your drone in the wild. While it may seem strange, drone users have lost numerous drones because of the lack of this feature, and have not only lost their drones but all the content that they captured with it. You never have to fear losing your drone, because with this feature, it will always find its way back to you because of its auto return feature!


GPS flight routes

One of the best features that this drone has is its pre-planned GPS flight routes. If you are a beginner and doubtful of your skills, then this drone is perfect for you. Through this feature, your Contixo F22 FPV Foldable Drone can be instructed to fly on a pre-designated route by choosing the points on a map. The intelligent flight modes,, combined with the ‘return home’ option (which ensures that the drone comes back to you with the press of a button) make it perfect for beginners and students. This feature also ensures that your drone will go along the designated route and that you will get the material you require.


Gesture control

This drone is not only lightweight and economical, but also boasts of numerous technological features that make it a must buy. One of them is gesture control. You can communicate with your drone or control it through hand gestures. This feature ensures that the drone is very easy to use, and contributes to its simplicity.

If you feel that you are not very good with handling technology and are looking for a simple user interface, then it is the perfect choice for you. You can control your drone with your hands through an accelerometer that will be fixed on the hand. This will detect the motion of your hands and your gestures and communicate it to the drone through telemetry. This drone is not just a great option for beginners but also for advanced users because it ensures that your experience is smooth and seamless, with no hassles on the technological side of things.


HD camera

The best feature of the Contixo F22 FPV Foldable Drone is its camera. Despite its low price, the camera quality is not compromised. The drone boasts a 1080p 20.4 GHz Wi-Fi camera. The high resolution of the camera ensures that your picture and video quality is not compromised, and the wide angle lens is a cherry on top.

All the landscapes and cityscapes that you capture with your drone will have a great resolution, and ensure that all your videos and pictures will trend on social media, or get you the perfect shot for your film, without investing a huge amount of money in the same. The drone’s camera also has additional features such as bird-eye’s view, first person view, orbit, etc. These features ensure that you get a wide variety of shots, making the drone a worthy investment with guaranteed returns.

Selfie mode

Do you want to take your drone game to the next well, and wow your social media followers? It has a selfie mode, which can film you from the distance, ensuring that you get stunning shots. If you are looking for a great, romcom style picture of yourself, but lack the extensive equipment these shots require, then you only need your handy Drone. You will not only feel like a film star, you will look like one too!

This feature ensures that the drone is also great for all your photography projects and independent films! You will also have a wide variety of options to choose from in the selfie mode, such as the chase mode and the profile mode. You will not regret buying a Contixo F22 FPV Foldable Drone, solely because of the potential that this feature has!


Intelligent battery app

The Contixo F22 FPV Foldable Drone boasts a 7.4V 1200mAh lithium polymer battery. This means that the drone has 13-15 minutes of flight time per charge, and takes about 110 minutes to charge. It also has a proprietary battery, which means that you will have to buy the battery from the proprietor itself. However, a unique feature of this drone is that it comes with a spare battery, ensuring that you get a great deal.

The integrated LED lights on the battery show the remaining power, and there’s a Micro USB charging port on the side. The intelligent battery feature on this drone ensures that you can film your footage without having to worry about your battery running out halfway in an abrupt manner. You will be informed about the battery status regularly. Additionally, the long flight time ensures that you have adequate time to practice, hone and refine your skills.


Dual Remote Control

The Contixo F22 FPV Foldable Drone has a dual remote control feature, which means that two remote controls can handle the drone. The master controller has more control. This makes the drone not only user friendly but also teacher friendly. Training a new pilot can be a challenging task, but the dual remote control feature on the drone makes everything easier. It ensures that two pilots can work effectively as a team, and ensure that the drone is not lost or damaged if the learner loses control of it. Additionally, one user of the drone can focus on capturing content while the other can focus on maneuvering it. This ensures that everything



It is priced very competitively. You will find it very hard to find a drone that has the features this drone has, and at its price. It is among the best drones that you can find under $200. Purchasing any drone is an investment, but investing in this one makes great financial sense, considering the fact that it is not too heavy on your pocket because of two reasons: it does not cost much, and it does not weigh much! It has all the features that more expensive and advanced models have, without compromising on the quality offered. You will receive hefty returns from this drone, in the form of the footage captured, its ease of operation and its durability.


Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Can the F22 be controlled with only the phone or do you have to use the controller every time?

Answer:The remote controls the drone and the phone allows you to see what the camera sees simultaneously. You can fly the drone without the phone, if you are learning to maneour the drone. You can focus on capturing the content perfectly later, if that is how you learn best.

  • Can we add an SD card to the drone?

Answer: Yes, you can add an SD card to the drone if you want to. The drone is also connected to an app which has ample storage facilities. Even if you forget to put the SD card back in, your content will not be lost.

  • Can I fly and take pics/videos in remote areas with little to no internet connectivity?

Answer: Yes. The drone has a built in WiFi that connects to your phone and not the internet. This ensures that you can see what the camera sees, and it allows you to fly it anywhere, as long as you’re in range through your phone or the remote.

  • Do you have to do the setup every time before flying?

Answer: The Drone needs to be recalibrated after hard landings and whenever you change venues. This needs to be done because the drone has to connect to the closest satellite with regards to GPS. This allows the Return to Home, Follow me and Orbit Mode to function properly.

  • Do I have to get the drone registered with the Federal Aviation Administration?

Answer: Since the drone only weighs around 250gms or .445lbs, you dontdo not have to get it registered with the Federal Aviation Administration, or get a drone flying certificate. As per the FAA regulations, the only category of drones exempted from the registration process were government-owned drones, nano and micro drones, and the Contixo F22 FPV Foldable Drone is consequently exempted from the same.


  • With its wide array of features and user friendly interface, this drone is perfect for beginners. The numerous features described above ensure that your experience with this drone will be seamless. Operating this drone is not hard, and its automated technology ensures a smooth learning experience.
  • It is compact, easily portable and lightweight, it can easily fit into your backpacks. This makes the Drone the perfect choice for travellers, because it does not take up much space and ensures that you do not have to pay for extra baggage.
  • The drone is also pre-assembled, so that is another point in its favour. You do not have to spend any time putting it together, making it a hassle free experience!
  • Unlike most drones in the market, this one weighs around 250g, which means that it does not require you to register with the Federal Aviation Administration or get a drone flyer certificate. It is built to make your life easy, not difficult.
  • The company that manufactures the drone also has a great customer support team, which ensures that all your questions are answered. This fact has been attested by many users of the drone, and can be found in numerous reviews.
  • This drone is especially targeted towards beginners, but its large number of features ensures that it is suitable for intermediate and advanced users as well.



There are not many cons to buying the Contixo F22 FPV Foldable Drone, but we are still listing out a few to ensure that you know what you are investing in.

  • The spare batteries are not widely available. They have to be procured from the proprietor of the it. However, the drone comes with a spare battery so it reduces the pressure of immediately finding a new one.
  • The battery of the drone can be quite limited if you want to capture a lot of footage. However, this is where the spare battery shipped with the drone and its kit comes in handy. You can simply switch one out and replace it with the other in case you need a lot of footage on the same day.

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