Best Free Drone Mapping Software

Looking for the right drone mapping software for your project? Nowadays, many subscription-based software options require recurring payments. Fortunately, many of the most popular applications also offer limited-time free trials. Alternately, there are still a selection of drone mapping software tools that remain completely free to use. Knowing this list of options can help you make an informed decision about the best tool for your job!

Best Free Drone Mapping Software

1. SkyeBrowse

SkyeBrowse is a software that enables efficient drone mapping. By using video footage and algorithms, the software creates maps with centimetre-level accuracy in only three to five minutes! This allows users to produce high-quality maps in much shorter time than alternatives.

Want to try out drone mapping software for free? SkyeBrowse has got you covered with a two-week free trial! After this period, you can continue using the application to generate maps, but access to tools that measure specific features of the terrain will require a payment.

2. WebODM

Drone mapping software has become increasingly popular over the past few years. One of the most well-known pieces of software that you can use for free is WebODM. It’s an open-source platform that has been improved a lot by its users, and people proficient in tech can also modify its code for their needs.

Drone mapping software such as WebODM is available in an open-source format, making it a great option for those who have some technical knowledge. Although the installation process can be difficult, there are several helpful tutorials online that will guide you through the necessary steps to get started. Once installed, WebODM offers powerful tools for creating and managing your drone maps.

WebODM is an open-source drone mapping software that helps generate aerial maps and 3D models. Utilizing powerful computer processing, WebODM can create orthomosaics, digital elevation models, plant health maps and 3D models from point clouds. This software runs locally meaning it requires a computer with sufficient power to give accurate outputs.

WebODM is a powerful drone mapping software that focuses exclusively on data processing and analysis. It does not provide any capability for flight planning or automated flight missions, so users in need of this functionality must look elsewhere for specific solutions.

WebODM is an efficient and user-friendly drone mapping software application. For those who don’t have the time or resources to go through a complicated installation process, there’s an installer available for a fee – $57 for individual users and $147 for business users with priority customer support. Given the features and benefits of WebODM, these costs are definitely worth it!

3. DJI GS Pro

Are you looking for a mapping software to go with your DJI drone? Look no further than DJI GroundStation Pro. This mobile app is specifically designed for drone flight planning and management and has an easy-to-use interface that any DJI drone user should be familiar with. Best of all, it’s completely free!

Looking to do drone mapping projects quickly and accurately? DJI GS Pro is the perfect software for that. It allows you to define a survey area, then automatically generates flight paths for your drone. You can also save and retrieve details of the mission so you can easily redo it without having to start again from scratch.

Drone mapping software, such as DJI GS Pro, is designed to be used in conjunction with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for the purpose of collecting data and creating maps. It offers a range of features, including cloud backup for flight data, storage and management options, as well as collaborative capabilities.

Looking for powerful and efficient drone mapping software to help you capture, plan and manage data from your drone flights? Consider combining DJI GS Pro with WebODM, a powerful tool that allows you to generate maps from your data. With this strategy, inputting your flight plans into GS Pro and then relying on WebODM to process the data can make the task of drone mapping much easier.

4. DroneDeploy (14-day free trial)

DroneDeploy is a popular drone mapping software solution that provides users with a range of features to make mapping projects easier. It has an intuitive interface and is commonly used for professional drone mapping services. New users can take advantage of the 14-day free trial before investing in the full version of the application.

DroneDeploy is a comprehensive drone mapping software platform that helps to simplify and streamline the drone mapping process. It provides users with features from flight planning to data processing, 3D modelling and analytics. Additionally, it comes with many third-party apps for additional support so users can easily and efficiently map large areas in a short amount of time.

DroneDeploy is one of the most popular drone mapping software solutions. It offers user-friendly features and custom pricing options ranging from basic users to teams. Though it isn’t free, its quality is why thousands of companies have invested in using this platform for their projects.

5. Pix4Dcapture

Pix4Dcapture is an incredibly useful drone mapping software. It features a free mobile drone flight planning app that allows users to fly pre-planned missions and capture high-resolution images for processing with Pix4D suite of photogrammetry products. With this powerful tool, users can quickly and accurately map their desired locations.

Pix4Dcapture is a mobile app that simplifies drone mapping by allowing you to plan and control your flight from your mobile device. It provides easy-to-use features, including the ability to review the quality of the images in real time, as well as uploading them for processing using the software of your choice. With Pix4Dcapture, you can create detailed maps and 3D models quickly and accurately, making it the perfect tool for surveying, construction or any other application where precision is key.

Pix4Dcapture is a comprehensive and powerful drone mapping software that allows users to capture precise images of their target from the air. The app is compatible with a wide range of drone models including some from Yuneec and Parrot as well as DJI drones, although it may not always be suitable for the more recent model releases. Additionally, the software enables users to generate detailed 3D maps and models of any environment with ease.

Are you looking to explore the world of drone mapping? Pix4D has you covered with their free trials of Pix4D’s most popular applications. Try out the Pix4Dmapper, designed for data processing and PiX4Dcatch, ideal for ground-based LiDAR surveys – perfect for getting you started in the exciting world of drone mapping!
For drone mapping operations, Pix4D’s software bundle is an excellent option.
Signing up for a subscription grants access to all the features of their comprehensive software ecosystem. The bundle includes everything needed for mapping tasks, from capturing data to creating maps, and more – all within one streamlined workflow. Although it’ll cost more than buying one program at a time, the payoff will be worth it!


Drone mapping software such as QGIS can provide a powerful way of collecting, processing and analysing geographic information from aerial sources. Developed as a free alternative to ArcGIS, QGIS provides users with the tools for creating maps, performing spatial analysis and managing data associated with drone flights. The platform also has its own large community of users that benefit from its advanced data manipulation tools.
Drone mapping software such as QGIS is an open-source Geographic Information System (GIS) platform. It allows users to manipulate data in order to create a wide range of maps. With a powerful and user-friendly interface, QGIS makes it easy for people to visualize large amounts of geospatial data, perfect for anyone looking to get into drone mapping applications. With an active and helpful community of users, there will always be someone ready to lend you a hand with your drone mapping project!

Drone mapping has made it easier for businesses to assess terrain from the air. However, using QGIS software alone is not enough; specialized drone mapping software needs to be used to first process the data collected by the drone. After processing, the data can then be exported and analyzed with QGIS for further insights.

QGIS is a powerful and user-friendly GIS platform that is open-source and available at no cost. It can be used as part of a drone mapping system, as QGIS is highly compatible with popular drone mapping software. With its wealth of features, such as vector data import capabilities, flexible design options, and cartographic tools, there are many ways to make use of this GIS platform in the context of drone mapping.

Why use free drone mapping software?

Free drone mapping software is an affordable and accessible option for surveying and mapping sites from aerial perspectives. While cost efficiency advantages are clear, it’s important to determine if this type of software fits your needs in terms of features, accuracy, and reliability.

Drone mapping software allows you to create professional 2D maps or 3D models of any area quickly and affordably. By utilizing UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) equipped with specialized cameras and GPS receivers, you can capture hundreds of high-resolution photographs in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional mapping methods. This software also offers a variety of tools for analyzing the data and creating detailed maps for further study.

Good mapping software for drones isn’t always easy to come by, but it doesn’t have to break the bank either. There are numerous free applications available for download, but be aware that some may not offer all of the same capabilities as paid options. When using a free drone mapping software, it’s important to set realistic expectations for what you can achieve.

With so many free drone mapping software options available, it’s important to evaluate which one is right for you. Be mindful of the features offered, how easy the software is to set up, and any technical capabilities required. You may have to compromise in some areas to get what your project requires.

Free drone mapping software is a great way to get acquainted with the technology and explore the potential of aerial imaging. Some of the more popular package providers are offering trial versions of their programs, which can give you an extra edge in creating amazing maps if you want to invest into them later. However, keep in mind that if serious drone mapping is your goal, free drone mapping software may not be enough for you in the long run.

Final thoughts

Drone mapping software has become a commercial market in recent years, leading to fewer free options available. Investing in drone mapping may require substantial capital, but it can also create numerous opportunities for businesses. With the right mapping software, companies can increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing the time needed to complete tasks.

Drone mapping software does not necessarily have to be expensive. There are a variety of free options available that allow people to effectively create accurate and detailed maps with the help of their drone. While some compromises may have to be made, getting a good mapping mission done without spending money on software is still possible!

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