10 Best Drones to buy Under 100 Dollars

Are you wondering which are the best drones to under 100 dollars that you can buy? Well, this article will take you through the evolution of these flying gadgets and which are the best drones to buy under 100.

A few years ago, if anyone would have asked to buy a drone, he/she would have got the silent treatment. Drones were first perceived as the robotic version of worker bees, where they were used to monitor agriculture, traffic and even natural disasters.

Globally there are many farmers who make use of drone technology to run their farms. In the workforce, drones have been viewed as the futuristic employees that will help cut costs when it comes to labor.

There are a lot of drone types found in the market, but if you are looking to buy the best drones under 100, this is the guide you need to look out for.

According to reports, DroneSeed, a company that uses fleets of drones to reforest areas burned in wildfires, received approval in October this year from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its heavy-lift drones to operate Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) and to expand its use of heavy-lift drone swarms to California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

They previously had FAA authorization to operate in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The FAA’s action allows DroneSeed to begin reforesting once a fire is contained and airspace is clear. Their aircraft drop seeds that are encapsulated in vessels consisting of four to six seeds, fertilizer, natural pest deterrents, and fibrous material which absorbs water and increases survivability.

Should I Get a Commercial Drone or a Regular One?

The global commercial drones’ market was valued at about $3.45 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to $7.13 billion at a CAGR of 19.9% through 2022. According to a McKinsey report, if companies save 40% of their delivery costs using drones, then they will enjoy a 15-20% increase in their profit margin and a 15-20% decrease in their product or service prices.

Commercial drones are being considered by companies that have last-mile delivery as their main business operation. The drones will help reduce cost per delivery and delivery time, thus increasing profits, which will in turn increase the growth of the commercial drones’ market.

Recently the purpose of the drone ventured into recreational use. Photography enthusiasts are increasingly using drones to capture photographs and videos from a birds-eye view which would otherwise require high-end video cranes.

Top 10 Drones to Buy Under $100

This increase in popularity has led consumers to purchase hobbyist drones and use them for photography purposes, thus driving market growth. According to the United States Federal Aviation Administration, there were 1.1 million small hobbyist drones in 2016 and this is expected to triple in number to reach 3.5 million by 2021 Personally, watching my friend using his drone kit to meticulously build up his drone, I thought it was just another case of boys and their toys.

Never did anyone think that this ‘flying apparatus’ would literally take off the way it did. Fast forward to now, and we have drone races, drone wars, drone photography, drone mapping, and every drone activity you can think of.

This evolution in the mass adoption of drones in various fields adds fun and accessibility. Simply put a drone is a gadget that flies and can be remotely controlled. One could simplify it as another battery-operated robot that can fly, but with the ability to operate surveillance, remote photography and even monitor traffic.  The extent of remote control depends on the type of drone you buy and the purpose of the same.

1.    Snaptain SP650 – Best for Beginners and Adults

Best Drones to buy Under 100 Dollars- Snaptain SP 650Description:

The SNAPTAIN SP650 1080P Drone with Camera for Adults is a very popular beginner drone, largely due to its impressive features. ‘Big kids’ looking for something extra this Christmas won’t be disappointed with this gift under the tree, especially as it is one of the best drones to buy under 100 dollars. Firstly, the voice control will give the user the standard feeling of being able to manipulate an object with commands you want the drone to follow.


  • The 1080P HD Live Video Camera is also what gives beginners the real feeling of drone-life. Capturing aerial views of sceneries with friends and families is one of the great appeals of any drone.
  • With the SNAPTAIN SP650, expect to capture high-quality camera pictures and videos. It can also be adjusted to face downwards or upwards to capture the aerial view you want.
  • One of the other nifty features of the SNAPTAIN SP650 is gesture control – which is also unique to SNAPTION drones. This feature will turn your drone into your new ‘best friend’ as a hand gesture will be ‘understood’ as a signal for your drone to return to base.
  • The smart voice control will allow you to use your voice to control your drone.


  • In this way, you are truly the master of your SNAPTAIN SP650. The SNAPTAIN SP650 also has a headless mode with 3 Speeds Switch functions.
  • This means that no matter what direction it flies, the drone will automatically position itself in the right direction.
  • As best drones under 100 dollars this drone’s features are impressive overall.


  • The drone is also not immune to windy conditions and footage can be a bit shaky in these circumstances. But if one should consider all the features that come with the SNAPTAIN SP650, it is a good buy for teenagers or adults wanting to ‘test’ their drone wings for the first time.
  • While the SNAPTAIN SP650 is one of the best drones under 100, you should know it does not come with additional batteries or an SD card.

2.    SimRex X900 – Foldable Drone in Budget

SimRex X900- Best Drones to buy Under 100 DollarsDescription:

The SIMREX X900 Drone spans between 80 and 120 meters so it makes its mark in the sky. Another one of the best drones under 100 dollars, this baby sports optical flow positioning which means it can be locked at a certain height. When it is in this mode you no longer have to control it, giving you the ultimate drone cruise control. Since you don’t have to concentrate on keeping it at a certain height, you can focus on getting the perfect shot at those hard-to-reach places. 


  • The RC Quadcopter with a 1080P HD Camera will give you crisp detail of your video and picture shots. With a wide-angle, you can also capture picturesque background images.
  • The one key take-off and landing makes it super easy to fly and shoot quality images or videos with a WIFI Real-Time HD camera.
  • The SIMREX X900 drone’s headless mode also allows you to fly in any direction because it can automatically realign itself in the right direction.


  • The SIMREX X900 has a foldable design and can fold up to three times smaller than its original size. You can save ample space with a folding size of 130×90×45mm.
  • Your battery will give you a flight time of 12 to 15 minutes to explore the sky before you have to recharge it for about 90 minutes.
  • What makes the SIMREX X900 Drone a good buy is that it is one of the best drones to buy under 100 dollars with good flight functions, good camera function and a device that is easy to store. It also comes with impressive camera features to boot.
  • You get to enjoy extensive flight time before you need to recharge, which also makes it one of the best drones under 100 dollars with the longest flight time.


  • Because the SIMREX X900 is a bit lightweight, it can be a bit shaky under windy conditions. It also does not come with an extra battery so be sure to purchase extras yourself.

3.    Snaptain S5C – Best value for money

Snaptain S5CDescription:

The Snaptain S5C’s shining feature is its durability, which makes it a good buy for beginners who are bound to crash many times before getting it right. Because it is also one of the best drones under 100 dollars you won’t mind the damage. This also makes it affordable as you won’t have to fork out to replace it after each crash. As drones come, the Snaptain S5C is quite user-friendly. One button allows you to take off, land or return to your command. The Snaptain S5C is also another quadcopter that sports voice control – speak and it shall obey!


  • The Snaptain provides video transmission within a range of up to 80m and its camera can transmit 720P videos.
  • You can edit and upload your videos instantly on social media by iPhone or a 1080P video transmission signal up to a scale of 80m, allowing you to fly farther.
  • These features make the Snaptain S5C one of the best drones under 100 dollars with a camera.


  • Its protective propeller guards ensure a safe flight while the high-quality ABS material prevents a sudden shock or drop.
  • The Snaptain S5’s altitude-hold function ensures a steady hover in the air at a certain altitude. This makes for great aerial pictures and videos and of the best drones under 100 dollars.
  • Trajectory Flight function is the newest technology that by drawing a flight course on the touch screen on your smartphone, the drone will fly accordingly. Pure fun awaits.
  • A built-in G-sensor is designed to allow controlling the drone by adjusting the vertical and horizontal position of your smartphone via the Snaptain Era App downloadable on the iOS and Android App market.


  • The one disadvantage with this design is that the drone is not able to withstand windy flights.
  • Weighing only 127 grams this is not surprising and is also why you should fly the Snaptain S5C in calm weather.

4.    ORRENTE Drone – Good for Beginners

ORRENTE DroneDescription:

The ORRENTE Drone is a great buy for kids and comes with a camera for adults who want to get into the game of drones. For one, this quadcopter is very affordable and one of the best drones under 100 dollars. Despite being one of the smaller drones, the ORRENTE has features to showcase in the sky. Its size however also makes it a target for strong winds, which should be considered before you buy one.


  • The ORRENTE is foldable with a 1080P HD FPV camera and is capable of sending FPV real-time video.
  • You can also enjoy HD vision through the 1080P high-quality camera. The drone’s computer-aided flight control software will allow you to have an easy and interesting flight; even if you are a beginner.
  • It also comes with safety features like easy and safe flight control – ideal for beginners.


  • The one-button for take-off or landing, with protective propeller guards, ensures the enhanced drone provides a safe and worry-free flight.
  • The drone’s high-quality construction and materials will prevent damage from sudden shocks caused by accidents. Weighing only 150g, the ORRENTE is easy to carry around for adults and kids.
  • The built-in G-sensor design makes it easier for beginners and even pros to control this one of the best drones under 100 by adjusting the vertical and horizontal position with your smartphone via the ORRENTE Drone App.
  • Better control of the drone is also provided using the app’s headless mode, especially when the drone is out of sight.
  • The ORRENTE comes with an extra set of batteries and allows for a 7-minute flight before it must be recharged. It has a small remote control that also comes with batteries.


  • While the ORRENTE Drone can provide hours of fun for kids and beginners, it might not be challenging enough for seasoned droners. because of its size, any type of wind can cause it to shake.

5.    DEERC Drone D50- For Adults and Pros

DEERC D50Description:

The DEERC can best be described as one of the best high-quality camera drones for an affordable price and is also of the best drones under 100 dollars. Even though it does not fold, its other features prove that the DEERC a great buy for Christmas. The amazing features matched with the great price makes it one of the best quadcopters under S100.


  • The DEERC D50 drone comes with a backpack to store the drone and all other accessories. It also has 2 batteries that allow for up to 24 min flight.
  • The DEERC also has a built-in 1080p full HD camera with a 120-degree field of view and adjustable angle.
  • This creates high-definition footage and FPV live videos and allows you to see a wider and clearer view. It is also easy to use.
  • Equipped with auto-hovering, one key operation enables you to start it, land it or change speed by pressing a single button.
  • 3 Speed modes can satisfy both beginners and advanced drone flyers..


  • This nifty drone also comes with the popular voice feature so you can play your DEERC drone with simple voice comments like “take-off” or “landing”.
  • It also has great altitude hold which means you can keep it steady with little to no effort. You also don’t have to worry about keeping the DEERC in the right direction as its headless mode will do the work for you.
  • It comes with a fun factor where it can perform 360° flips, rolls and circles. With waypoint, you can define an exact route on the App map for a spectacular experience.


  • With the DEERC you should also prepare yourself for charging the battery for 45 minutes and because it is quite small, the wind plays a big role in its stability.

6.    Eachine E58 Quadcopter Drone – Offers Live Video

Best Drones to buy Under 100 Dollars Eachine E58Description:

The Eachine Quadcopter Drone is another kid-friendly drone and also one of the best drones under 100 dollars as a Christmas gift. With the Eachine Quadcopter, you can take HD pictures and videos and enjoy the FPV function.


  • The E58 drone is equipped with a 120° Wide-angle 720P HD Camera including adjustable angle, which captures high-quality video and clear aerial photos.
  • The Wi-Fi real-time transmission FPV system can connect to your phone with the drone and the view will be shown directly on your phone, thus enjoying the world above the horizon, accurately capturing photos and recording videos for extraordinary moments.


  • The Eachine Quadcopter’s drone arm is replaceable so when the motor or drone arm is broken, you don’t need to worry about the drone not performing anymore. Just replace the drone arm and it can fly again. A great feature for kids who are bound to have some accidents while flying their drones.
  • With an altitude hold mode, you can accurately lock the height and location, stable hover and capture video or photos from any angle shooting, making the experience very easy and convenient.
  • The drone automatically takes off and lands with one click, which is very handy. There is an emergency landing feature to prevent collision with other things. Another great feature to prevent your kids from turning the house into a battleground.
  • The E58 best drone under 100 dollars includes the new 3D rolling special effects and is especially entertaining for the little ones. The Eachine Quadcopter has a one-key return function that allows the drone to return automatically without it getting lost. The Headless mode option can make the drone’s front side the same as the remote control, making it easier to fly to your destination. With the Trimming function, you can adjust according to the tilt direction.


  • One of the cons is that you cannot adjust the vertical angle of the camera on the remote control.

7.    DJI Tello – Good for Education and Learning

DJI Tello- Best Drones to buy Under 100 DollarsDescription:

DJI Tello is one of the little drones in the market available for kids and adults. It not only teaches little droners to fly but also helps users learn about drones with coding education. It is also one of the best drones under 100 dollars this Christmas. The DJI Tello has VR headset compatibility and allows you to fly with a breathtaking first-person view.


  • Tello has two antennas that make video transmission extra stable and a high-capacity battery that offers impressively long flight times.
  • Weighing in at only 80 grams DJI Tello drones are smaller than their competitors they can shoot quality pictures and videos as good as their bigger-built competition.
  • Equipped with a high-quality image processor, DJI Tello shoots incredible photos and videos.
  • Even if you don’t know how to fly, you can record pro-level videos with EZ Shots and share them on social media from your smartphone. You can start flying by simply tossing Tello into the air.


  • You can also expect to fly as far as 8 meters at a time and you get an alert as soon as your battery needs charging.
  • It is also very easy to control where with one push of a button you can land and fly your drone. To perform 8D flips cool aerial stunts with your drone simply, slide on screen.
  • Even if you don’t know how to fly, you can record pro-level videos with EZ Shots like hiking trails, deep-fish diving or cycling.
  • These memorable shots can be stored and shared on social media from your smartphone.


  • Unfortunately, this best drone under 100 dollars is not compatible with Bluetooth technology but its affordability and fun features will make it the ideal holiday gift.

8.    AKASO A31 – Affordable Drone for All

Best Drones to buy Under 100 Dollars- AKASO A31Description:

AKASO A31 Drone is one of the more affordable and overall best drones under 100 dollars. It boasts an HD Camera Real-Time FPV (First Person View) Transmission, and Bright LED Light The AKASO A31 Drone comes equipped with a 1080P HD camera for exceptional aerial photos and videos. With the added feature of a built-in Wi-Fi capability, you can see exactly what your drone’s camera sees after installing the accompanying app from the App Store or Google Play. Also included is a colorful LED light attachment for impressive night flying.


  • The AKASO A31 sports a headless mode that enables the drone to move forward, backward, and side to side relative to the original orientation of the drone when the button is pushed.
  • This makes joystick control of this best drone under 100 much easier, especially when out of sight. You can take off and land with the simple press of a button.
  • Using the altitude hold option, you can accurately lock your drone’s height and location to enable steady pictures and videos from any angle.
  • These features make flying easy for pros and beginners alike.


  • This baby also allows you to show off your piloting skills with the A31’s in-air barrel roll feature. The auto-return helps the drone return automatically to its initial starting position.
  • Because it is so practical, this drone is very easy to handle for beginners.
  • While it might not be a looker in the sky, the AKASO A31 makes up for this with its longevity, which also makes it a worthwhile buy.

9.    SANROCK 1080P HD Camera Drone – Wi-Fi Live Video drone for kids and adults

SANROCK 1080P HD Camera DronesDescription:

Sanrock 1080P HD Camera Drone is one of the best drones under 100 dollars with an HD camera. This entry-level drone comes with a 1080P HD FPV Camera with Gesture Control. This advanced camera helps to capture memorable moments in spectacular definition while images can be sent back and saved to your phone and be shared to your social media directly. You could take high-quality pictures or record a video. The camera alone is the reason this drone is so popular and makes for the ideal Christmas gift.


  • The Sanrock 1080P HD Camera drone does auto hovering and has a headless mode for extra control. Its protective propeller guards and landing gear ensures a safe flight.
  • The Sanrock 1080P HD Camera also boasts high-quality ABS material so you don’t have to worry about a sudden shock or drop.
  • It can also do 3D flips and luminous LED lighting assuring simple control allowing for fun, even in the dark. It is all-in-all the perfect drone for adults and kids to have an easy and stable flight experience.


  • With the Sanrock 1080P HD Camera drone, you have direct control with transmission or transmitter control with your smartphone.
  • It has the trajectory flight function – the newest technology that allows you to draw a flight course on the touch screen of your smartphone and the drone will fly accordingly.
  • The Sanrock 1080P HD Camera drone is not easily swayed by a change in wind speed thanks to being heavier than other drones.


  • Despite the many stunning features of this best drone under 100 you have to brace yourself for a long wait when it comes to recharging this drone as it takes 5 hours to charge.
  • It is also one of the heavier drones which can be somewhat inconvenient for travelling.

10.                    DoDoeleph Mini Drone – Small Drones for Kids

DoDoeleph Mini DroneDescription:

What makes droning such a great family activity is the wide range of models available for young and old. It is also one of the best drones under 100 dollars. The 2019 Newest Micro Drone for Kids is a small X20 drone designed to be compact and portable without any overly large joysticks.


  • The Dodoeleph Mini Drones are built with smooth designs to slip right into your pockets or small travel bags.
  • Its small size makes it the perfect indoor drone to easily maneuver around smaller spaces – a great feature for kids when the weather isn’t playing along.
  • This quadcopter is a great Christmas gift for children aged 3+ and is one of the best drones under 100 dollars.
  • Its headless mode is a great feature that will help orient your drone according to your controller, making flight and control easier. This also means the little ones won’t be left in tears when the drone flies far away.


  • Just one button press will control the Dodoeleph Mini drone to take off or go back to the position where it took off, fly the drone easily with perfect control and allows for entertaining performance for kids with its 3D flips.
  • The low-speed setting is great for beginners and kids to help them to gradually build their confidence with increased speed.
  • It also comes with an attitude hold that lets the flying drone stabilize and suspend in mid-air automatically, even when you let go of the controls.


  • The Micro Drone also only takes 30 minutes to charge, but keep in mind it only allows for fly time for up to 7 minutes before it must be recharged.
  • Because of the Micro Drone’s size, it does not play along with the wind.

Just like any commodity, the price of drones was way too high in the initial stages, especially at the time of its introduction. But today we are able to get them at a lower price too, hence we are helping you decide which are the best drones under 100. Much like the USB flash drive, HDTV’s and the iPhone – once a gadget becomes mainstream, manufacturers eagerly open the market further with competitive prices.

This is what has happened to the drone market today. This is also why we can look at what are the best drones to buy under 100 dollars. Not taking it in the wrong light, but the wide expanse of the drone market has only given a lot of people access to the amazing gadget.

The market for drones is so huge and it can be quite a task to pick one that fits your needs and pocket. At bestbuydrones.com, we have developed an agile methodology to help you hone into the best features of a drone that will also suit your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions on Drones:

What is a drone?

A drone has several names however the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) defines a drone as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or unmanned aerial system (UAS).  In layman’s terms, it can also be defined as an unmanned aircraft. The ones that are used for recreational purposes are controlled by batteries or a device monitored by the user to control its movement. The most common type of drones is quadcopters.

Where can I fly a drone?

Drones may not be flown 10 kilometers (6 miles) or closer to an airport without special permission from the SACAA. Recreational must be flown at 400 ft. for the most. A drone can also not weigh more than 7kg(15.4pounds). You may also not fly a drone within 50 meters (164 feet) of people. 

What are drones used for?

The best drones under 100 dollars can be used for professional purposes, for agricultural purposes, monitoring traffic or even aiding during a natural disaster. For recreational purposes, many people use drones to take scenic photos or videos.

How old must you be to handle a drone?

Here it is common sense that applies to the age allowed to control a drone. Drone are often sold as toys and under proper supervision, they can be used by children as young as four years old. Children who are able to maneuver a computer or mobile device without supervision are able to handle a drone. 

How high and how far can I fly a drone?

Most modern drones can fly several hundred feet high and many miles away from the pilot. However, in the UK a recreational user may legally only fly a drone as far as they can see it well enough to keep it under control. For commercial use, this is clarified as no more than 400ft high (120m), and 500m horizontally.



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